A girl’s moan is the sexiest thing, ever.


It is, ugh.

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Crab emerging from its old shell and straight into my nightmares.

William Utermohlen
Artist William Utermohlen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 1995. Over the course of roughly five years he drew these self portriats (starting at 1996) of himself.
Whether the cause for the change in his portraits was from the disease which made him forget what he looked like or due to the loss of artistic skills, this is extremely heartbreaking.
Q: my boyfriend and i just had our one year anniversary 10 days ago and he just broke up with mw out pf nowhere over text and i donf know whu im tellig you this


I know how you feel, I think we’ve all had our hearts broken. 

here’s a masterpost of horror movies to get your mind off of him

here’s a site full of gifs/pictures of extremely attractive men to remind you that there’s plenty of fish in the sea

here’s a site full of the scariest of all stories, I linked you to the ratings index, which means you can read the stories that were voted most creepiest!

(who needs romance when we have horror?)

here’s a link to FML (f my life) so you can read little short text posts about people who also had a bad day, to remind you your not alone

here’s a link to 50 easy and delicious no bake desserts!

I hope I helped! It’s ok to cry. Give yourself some space. Spend time with friends. You can get through this, and love will find you one day :)

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If you are looking for a good book to read. I recommend this one. 
This entire book was written by a man whose stroke plunged him into a 21 day coma. He awakened to find himself fully paralyzed except for one eye and a part of his head. He survived an entire month, enough to publish an entire book. 
How did he do this?
He dictated his book one character at a time by blinking his left eyelid while an assistant recited letters. 
200,000 blinks tells his entire story. He died 3 days after the book was published due to pneumonia. 

Holy Shit

People are amazing
There is also a movie about this
I’m too sad

Being told I’m not good enough is kinda crushing me to the ground.

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